6 Ways Iron Can Reverse Aging

Pumping Iron that is….

Many of you reading this blog know that you need to resistance train. In fact, you have been TOLD by the experts that “strength training” can save your life, prevent disease, and slow the aging process. However, I find very few articles out there in the Internet Kingdom that really explain how pushing around some dumbbells, rubber tubing, some weird shaped “cowbell?,” or your own bodyweight can actually SAVE your LIFE.

In my previous blog, I explained how resistance training can be used to reduce chronic pain, prevent injuries that keep coming back, and manage medical conditions that interrupt life’s happy places.

After reading this post, you actually understand HOW Pahmping Yo-Self Up, can actually slow aging and ensure you live the life you wish over the next 30-50 years.

1. Reduction in pain, better managed medical conditions, and slowing of the aging process:active_seniors

  • Regular strength training can reduce the signs and symptoms of many chronic conditions such as arthritis, back pain, heart disease and diabetes.
  • Lean body tissue will take stress of joints, organs, soft tissue, and nerves to allow your body to function better.
  • Individuals who have more lean body tissue tend to have a longer life span and less illness and injury as they age.

2. Improved performance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

  • Stronger people can perform more work in a given day period.
  • By improving your strength, you consequently improve your balance, endurance, stability, and flexibility.
  • Optimizing all of the above mentioned markers allow you to perform your daily activities, athletics, household chores, and occupational duties with easier.
  • Because your day is easier, you will have more energy at the end of the day and you will sleep better.

3. Higher metabolism = Less Fat — Lean Body Mass(LBM)  USE IT OR LOSE IT :

  • Strength training can improve the quality and amount of lean body tissue that you have. Lean body tissue can give you a leaner, more tone physical appearance.
  • Having an increase in LBM allows you to burn more calories while you are resting and while you are physically active and exercising. Burning more calories on a consistent basis will lead to fat loss and/ or weight loss.
  • Lean muscle is metabolically more active than other tissue and will therefore create more physical energy than fat tissue.

strong_skeleton4. Higher Bone density:

  • Regular strength training and weight lifting can help build stronger bones.
  • Stronger bones make you more resistant to fractures and broken bones.
  • Increasing bone density reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis.

5. Boost your stamina:

  • Building muscle with strength training contributes to better balance.
  • Developing better balance and increased muscle endurance helps to improve and maintain independence as we age.

6. Improve your focus and memory:

  • Research suggests that regular strength training helps individuals improve their focus and attention. [Check Out This Article]
  • Research also supports that individuals who add resistance training into their program have improved mood and memory. [Check Out This Article]

See, Pumping Iron is not just for Hans & Franz. You can actually fight off disease, pain, and disability by just pickinghans_franz up something heavy and moving it. The weight room is a land of opportunity for you, not just a stage for the meat-sticks and bunnies.

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Move & Heal

Are You Strong or Resistant?

I love this time of year! Big research opportunity for me to see what crazy new fitness trends are out there for 2016.

If you’ve been in a fitness facility in the last month, you will notice a lot of people flocking to different areas of the tired_treadmillgym as they pursue their life-changing, “2016 is my year to change my life” resolutions.

Some will choose the prison of walking to nowhere, elliptical-ing (yes, that’s my word) in place, or climbing up a staircase with no destination.zumba

Some will choose to join the group fitness fun club and venture into the world of electronic dance music, cardio steps, and 30 people trying to move while being confined to a workout space of 9 square feet.  I love to watch all the body pumping, yoga-ing (yes, another Trevor-ism) or my favorite, Zumba-ing.

However, my all-time favorite place to watch people start or continue their fitness journey is the resistance training areas (weights, suspension straps, machines, or kettlebells). These fine performance floors serve as stages displaying the artistry, athleticism, and raw power of people as they grunt, groan, sweat, and yell at their weights.

My favorite gym characters are the following:

Gary thecrossfit_model Grunter (let’s everyone know how much weight he is currently lifting by the volume of his grunt)

Penny the Poser (allow us all to check out her new LuLu yoga pants as she “assess her form” in the mirror)

Scott the Scrawny (contorts his body like a yogi to life the heaviest weight possible)

And my favorite…

Chad McCrossfit (Uses the entire floor to perform his YouTube WOD and will run you over in his knee high socks if you get in path)yelling_weightlifter

Most people know, or have heard, that they should strength train regularly, however, many people will never venture into the land of iron, rubber, or straps, because they are fearful of injury, intimidated by their lack of experience, or just plain turned off by the weight room All-Stars.

In my expert MedEx Coach opinion, the ideal person that MUST be in the weight room is my friend Middle-Aged Maureen.

She is over 50, has arthritic knees, softening bones, neck pain, is taking thyroid medication, needs to lose 20 pounds, is lacking energy, and wants to continue skiing with her grandchildren and hiking with her husband. Maureen is tired and internally starting to fear the monster or aging.

hiking_over50If Maureen wants to fight back against that monster, it is VITAL that she learn how to use Resistance Training not Strength training to improve the way here body looks, feels, and moves. If she trains her body to be balances, mobile, and strong she can combat the effects of aging and ensure independent and active living for the next 30-40 years.

If she doesn’t get her body stronger, she will end up sedentary, medication-dependent, and in pain.

I repeat…The majority of people living on this planet right now need to learn how to use resistance training to improve how their nerves, muscles, and joints function in order to live a better life, a stronger life.

They do NOT need to use a bodybuilding book, an issue of female fitness today, or a Spartan Workout YouTube series focused on muscle size, tone, or looking like a soldier out of the movie 300.

For most people on this planet right now, resistance training is REQUIRED to improve the strength, endurance, and balance needed to perform the Athletics of Daily Living not to become a professional exerciser. This includes being strong and fit for work, play, and living an active, healthy lifestyle.

Now this is not saying that you should do away with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and just stick to performing one-legged, kettlebell, Bosu squats and bear crawls on a balance beam called “functional training.”

However, I AM saying that you need to use resistance training focused on improving FUNCTION to become RESISTANT against illness, injury, and aging instead of just focusing on strength, tone, or training to become a roman gladiator.

Experiencing success, achievement, and transformation with exercise, like most things in life, is determined by the laws of specificity, progression, and feedback.

In order to be successful, you must train for what you do, design a path to your goals, and a way to measure if it is working.

In order for Maureen to successfully manage her arthritic knee, reduce her headaches, be active with her husband and grandkids, and feel good in her clothes, and have energy to live her life on her terms, her resistance training must focus on those goals.

She must choose exercises that specifically reduce joint stress, improve bone density, boost her metabolism, improve her neck stability without triggering a headache, and continually improve her strength, mobility, and stamina for winter skiing and summer hiking.

Maureen must train her body to be Aging Resistant vs. Gym Strong


Note: These are considered MedEx Strength exercises since they do cause muscles fibers to get stronger (no weights required!

Ankle MOB

Chin Pull Back 

Chair Squat

Hope you enjoyed that team. Try it out and see how you feel. With the right exercises performed in the correct sequence you can train your body to heal itself.

Move & Heal,


P.S. Tune into my next blog where I share how the benefits of resistance training can change your life, improve your life, and extend your life.

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